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PhotoRx Media Logo v1.1I am Phillip Breker.

PhotoRx Media exists as an outlet for my creativity. That and my wife thinks I need some sort of income source to replace the money I spend on tech gadgets and photography gear.

I did not go to a fancy school for graphic artists or photographers or filmmakers. It wasn’t until I was established in my career as a pharmacist that I realized I loved to re-imagine the world through the viewfinder on a camera. This interest grew into a hobby, then later an obsession until soon it was my identity and I was known by some as ‘Photo Phil’.

I am completely self-taught in the trade of media production. I am armed only with my God-given sense of creativity and a broad knowledge of media production aquired over several years. My focus is primarily photography. I also dabble in videography, graphic art and web design.

I honed these skills over a number of years in my work as director of media production at Coteau des Prairies Lodge. My ongoing responsibilities there include all content creation for web and print. This has included photography, videography, graphic design, written content, web design, blogging, social media management and even special event planning. Basically, I am responsible for the image and ‘brand’ of Coteau des Prairies Lodge.

My company, PhotoRx Media offers great, original media products as well as fun training workshops featured at premiere scenic and inspirational destinations. I will continue on in my role as a full-time pharmacy manager at Lunds & Byerlys Pharmacy in Plymouth, as well as being a husband and a father of nine children. I repeat, I will continue those roles. Just, sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day. Particularly between 10pm and 2am. That would be so awesome.

The Breker Family - portrait by Elise Hylden
The Breker Family – portrait by Elise Hylden

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